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We guarantee fast work and transparent cost of services for the full packaging and preparation of Amazon FBA products.

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About Us

• We are young and energetic specialists with a modern view on warehouse technologies and solutions;
• A company that started its activity in 2019 and satisfied the needs of more than 100 + customers;
• A training center that is trusted, considering it fast and high-quality work;
• Highly qualified staff speaking Russian, Ukrainian, English and Moldovan, who is in touch with the client 24/7.

  • Amazon FBA Packaging Center

    Sy Supply - this is a universal solution for the total preparation of your product for sale on the Amazon FBA online platform. Our packaging center guarantees high-quality and uninterrupted work in accordance with all Amazon FBA requirements. Warehouse services include: labeling, packaging in polyethylene and bubble wrap, creating sets, as well as many other services for your business.

  • Amazon FBA Returns

    We know how important it is for every business to minimize losses. For this reason, our returns service saves our customers hundreds of dollars. Our return service includes: receiving returns, inspection, repackaging, preparation, and shipping to the Amazon FBA online platform or any other address within the United States.

  • Storage Services

    Amazon never ceases to amaze sellers with new requirements and limits regarding FBA warehouses. We help our partners keep inventory close to Amazon warehouses and ship within 24 hours of a request. Our storage services are provided at a flat rate that does not change during storage.

  • Forwarding & Inspection

    You can safely rely on us for inspection, return of damaged goods to the supplier and forwarding to the Amazon warehouse. We try to meet the expectations of each of our customers, which is why we have developed different levels of inspection, from a simple inspection and verification of quantity, to a detailed inspection of each item.


Why us?


Why hundreds of sellers choose Sy Supply?



Our warehouse is located near three Amazon warehouses, including its Mega warehouse.


Transparent prices

We value your time and money, therefore we keep the cost of our services as transparent as possible, without hidden fees.


Delegated Prep*

We work through User Permition Access, that is, we have access to your account and the ability to create a Delivery Plan and FNSKU stickers for you. This procedure is 100% secure as we only have access to delivery management.


Fast reception and processing

Time is money. We guarantee to start processing your order within 24 hours from the moment it arrives at our warehouse. Our daily norm is from 2000 units of goods for each client.


Warehouse with Loading Dock

Our warehouse is equipped with a loading platform and accepts trucks of any size. Therefore, you do not need to pay extra for the lifting gate (lift gate), which will save you up to $ 100 on each shipment and shipment of goods.



Sy Supply - a partner you can trust. We guarantee that we will not transfer or sell information about your product, suppliers and other personal data to third parties.


years of experience


satisfied customers


successful transactions



How do you save time and money with

Filling out the Form

All you have to do is fill out a simple form with information about you.

Receipt & Inspection

We inspect the quantity of goods, whether they are damaged, and provide a report.

Delegated Prep

We independently create a shipping plan, print the Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU), shipping labels, prepare and ship your goods.

Receiving Refunds

You, as a Partner, have the ability to use our service to accept, resell and store your returns.

Storage Services

You get a storage service with a guarantee that your goods will be sent to Amazon warehouses within 24 hours after the request.


~ You do not pay for loading bulky goods, we have all the necessary equipment and technologies;
~ We fully ship the goods for you through User Permition access;
~ We operate a pallet exchange program, so with us, you don't pay for pallets;
~ Sy Supply conducts a full inspection of your goods, selects damaged ones, provides you with a report and agrees with you on further actions;
~ We carefully remove materials prohibited by Amazon FBA: styrofoam balls, flyers, labels and others;
~ Our company responsibly selects the method of sending your goods and interacts only with trusted organizations: USPS, UPS, LTL Amazon-Partnered Carriers;
~ Sy Supply specialists dispose of all waste in an environmentally friendly manner.
All this and much more is already included in the price of our services!





FNSKU Labels

  • 1-10 pieces/SKU: $10 per order
  • 11-20 pieces/SKU: $0.90 per unit
  • 21-499 pieces/SKU: $0.70 per unit
  • 500-1000 pieces/SKU: $0.65 per unit
  • From 1000 pieces/SKU: $0.45 per unit
  • Over 22 inches: $1.40 per unit
  • Overall weight over 8 pounds: $1.40 per unit
Combining one SKU into a set


  • 2-3 units online: $1.00
  • 4-5 units online: $1.20
  • 6-10 units online: $1.50
  • 11-15 units online: $1.75
  • 16-20 units online: $2.00
  • 21-24 units online: $2.40
  • 25 units or more: $2.70
Combining more than one SKU into a bundle


  • 2-3 SKUs in a bundle: $1.00
  • Next Extra: $0.20


Packing up to 12x15

FBM orders

  • FBM order: $2.00
  • Add. unit (from 2 to 5): +$0.50 per unit
  • Add. unit (6 or more): +$0.50
  • Dimensional block 13x16x10: tariff x2
  • Dimensional unit over 8 pounds: tariff x2

FBM returns

  • Acceptance, visual inspection, 10 days storage, disposal: $2.00 per unit
  • Dimensional container (13x16x10): price x2
  • Over 8 lbs.: price x2

Other services



  • Per box: $5.00
  • Per pallet: $20.00


  • Pallet: $12.00 for beat
  • Acceptance of boxes of more than 10 pcs. or over 20 pounds: $1.50 for the next box
  • Getting container 20': $350.00
  • Getting container 40': $450.00

Return from Amazon

  • Acceptance of boxes of more than 10 pcs. or over 20 pounds: $2.00 per unit
  • Getting container 20': $1.50 per unit
  • Getting container 40': $1.00 per unit


  • Place size (14x42x18): $6.00 per month
  • Place size (31x42x19): $11.00 per month
  • Small pallet (40x48x44): $22.00 per month
  • Стандартная паллета (40х48х72): $35.00 per month

Packaging materials

  • Small box (17x11x11): $2.50
  • Medium box (21x15x16): $3.00
  • Big box (24x18x18): $5.00
  • Extra large box (24x20x21): $6.00
  • Bubble wrap: $0.40 per foot
  • Package 9x12 inches: $0.30 per bag
  • Package 12x15 inches: $0.50 per bag
  • Stretch film: $13.00 per roll


  • Return to supplier: $5.00 per box

Add. services

  • Product photo: $5.00 for 3 photos
  • Assembly of individual packaging: $0.30
  • Repackaging: $5.00 per box
  • Removing labels/tags/stickers: $0.30 per unit
  • Product packaging: $0.30 per unit
  • Hourly pay: $40.00 at one o'clock
  • Postage: $3.00
  • Sending pallets: $25.00 per pallet
  • Product disposal: $0.30 per unit
  • Call to the supplier: $10.00
  • Call to carriers: $40.00
  • Goods recalculation: $0.30
  • Category shoes: $2.40 per unit
  • Jewelry category: $3.50 per unit



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